Overheard In The Rochester Area - Feast or Famine

Obese_woman 1st woman: “I’ve never told this to anyone before, but when we were kids growing up we never had enough to eat, and now I am over 300 lbs. And my cabinets and freezer are so stocked with food I can’t stuff any more in them.”

2nd woman: “I read this article and they called that food insecurity”.

1st woman: “Food insecurity?”

2nd woman: “Yea, it’s like feast or famine. You eat a lot when food is available to store up fat so you can survive when food is not available.”

1st woman: “Well, I’d live a long time in a famine.”

2nd woman: “But if the famine never comes the obesity will kill you.”

1st woman: “I know” and she started to cry

Overheard in the Rochester Area - The title requires curatives

Survey Overheard in a lawyer's office regarding a real estate transaction:

Paralegal: "The title on this property requires curatives."

Client: "What?"

Paralegal: "The title will need some curatives."

Client: "Curatives? What's a curative"?"

Paralegal: "Well, there must be some easement or right away or something."

Attorney: "There is a cloud on the title."

Client: "A cloud?"

Attorney: "Yes, I believe the chimney on the west side of the house is actually sitting on the neighbor's property since the house, itself, is right on the lot line, and the rain and snow from the eves of the roof fall on the neighbor's property. We're going to have to get a release from the owner of the neighboring property."

Client: "Why mix the metaphors? First we have 'curatives' which make me think the title is sick and that's a medical metaphor, and then we have 'clouds' on the title which is meteorlogical metaphor.

Attorney laughing: "Yeah well, you know legaleese."

Client: "It sounds to me like this whole business with curatives for the title which is sick is getting stormy because of the clouds. The stormy weather is making me sick."

Overheard in Rochester Area - The Whole World Is My Classroom

Nice lady in the mall: "You're very handsome. How old are you?"

My 5 year old grandson: "Thanks. I'm five."

Nice lady: "Are you in school yet?"

Grandson: "I could be in Kindergarten, but my parents homeschool me."

Nice Lady: "Homeschool you, dear?"

Grandson: "Yes, the whole world is my class room."


Like how to do laundry. From http://indexed.blogspot.com/

Overheard in Rochester Area - Dreaming about throat cut

Overheard on a bus.


First teenager: "I have strange dreams about people getting their throats cut. I don't know what they mean."

Second teenager: "They sound like nightmares. Do they upset you?"

First teenager: "Not really. They confuse me more than anything."

Second teenager: "Your father threatened to kill your mother didn't he?"

First teenager: "Do you think that's it?"

Overheard in Rochester Area - Having response - ability

I overheard this in the waiting room at a substance abuse treatment clinic


First woman: “I talked to him about taking responsibility and telling his father he is sorry and asking how he can make it up to him.”

Second woman:” What did he say?”

First woman: “He said he was scared.”

Second woman: “Scare'd of what?

First woman “Scared his father wouldn’t love him any more I guess.”

Second woman: “Is he right, that his father wouldn’t love him any more?”

First woman: “Ya never know. His father can be a real idiot sometimes.”

Second woman: “Isn’t that what we all want, to be understood and loved?”

First woman: “I guess and when we don’t get it we shut down and terrible things start to happen for us.”

Second woman: “Like what?”

First woman: “Without love and understanding we hate life and become destructive each in our own way. My son will take up drinking and drugging just like my dad and will leave a whole bunch of wreakage in his wake like me.”

Second woman: “You’re not wreakage.”

First woman: “Not according to him.”

Second woman: “He’s a drunk!”

First woman: “And I married one and now have a son who is one.”

Second woman: “No hope?”

First woman: “Take responsibility and know who you are.”

Second woman: “Response – ability. Sounds like you are able to make some better responses.”

First woman: “Do you think??”

Second woman: “What were you trying to teach your son?”

First woman: “Yeah, you’ve got a point.”

Overheard in Rochester Area - Insight leading to oversight

Person upset and thinking that they were not being treated fairly when there probably was good reason for the treatment they received: "This relative was trying to explain to me that I shouldn't take it personally because it probably was just an insight."

Given the context, the speaker meant  to say "It probably was just an oversight ".

But then again, maybe it was an insight on the part of the person who committed the oversight which lead them to the way they handled the situation in the first place.