Overheard in Rochester Area - Any hope for our marriage?

I overheard this conversation in McDonald's.Slap_in_face

Guy in his middle 40s: "I was driving down the road when my wife flew into a rage and tried to jump out of the moving car. I grabbed her and was trying to steer when she turned off the ignition. As I pulled over she punched me in the face. Finally she calmed down."

Second man: "Gosh, I'm sorry to hear all this happened to you."

First man: "This kind of stuff has been going on for years. Do you think there is any hope for our marriage?"

Overheard in Rochester Area - Saying "No"

No First woman in her 40s: "She called and invited herself to the party and I didn't want her there but I couldn't say 'no' so I said 'OK'. Then she came and ruined it.

Second woman: "You've got to learn how to say 'no'".

First woman: "I know, but I'm afraid she won't like me, and her feelings will be hurt."

Second woman: "Honey, she never liked you already, and there is no way you could hurt that woman's feelings."

Overheard in Rochester Area - Going to hell


First woman who appears to be in her 30s: "My pastor told me I'm going to hell."

Second woman: "Gosh, that's an awful thing to say. Why did he say that?"

First woman: "Because I told him I'm thinking of leaving the church because I disagree with some of the things he is teaching."

Second woman: "What kind of a god does your church believe in?"

First woman: "What kind of a god does my church believe in ?"

Second woman: "Yeah. I mean is it like a Catholic god, or a Protestant god, or what, that is sending you to hell?"

Overheard In Rochester Area - I'm wasted

Overheard on street in Brockport at 2:00 AM in the morning. Brockport is a college town. This happens just about every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the village between 2:00 and 3:00 AM after the bars close when the college is in session.


College kid, male: "Hey man I'm wasted."

Other college male: "Yeah, man, I'm wasted too."

First kid: "Ya want to go to Jimmy Zs and get something too eat?"

Second kid: "No man, I feel like I'm going to heave."

First kid: "Come on, man."

Second kid: Sound of vomiting, "Oh shit!"

Overheard In Rochester area - Took TV out of bedroom


Mother: "I finally took the TV out of his bedroom last week."

Friend:"How did that go over?"

Mother: "At first he had a fit, but actually the last few days he seems to have settled down and things are better."

Friend: "Well, I'll bet he's feeling a little bit lonely."

Mother: "Lonely?"

Friend: "Yeah, I keep the TV on to keep me company."

Mother: "Well, if he's lonely, he can get out his old teddy bear, and you can get a boyfriend."

Friend: "I'd rather keep the TV. It's less trouble."