935 lies by Bush Administration lead U.S. to war

935 lies by Bush Administration lead U.S. to war according to the Center for Public Integrity. Is this evidence of war crimes and a basis for impeachment because of high crimes and misdemeanors? It is this kind of mystification that makes a whole nation crazy. When government is in bed with the corporate media and the military/industrial complex, fascism is real and present, and any sense that we live in a democracy becomes self delusional. Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow give an overview. Video lasts 6 minutes and every American should watch it.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee the one lone voice of sanity in the whole United States Congress

How quick we forget the heroic among us. Does anyone remember that there was one lone vote against the Iraq war? The courageous congresswoman who made that vote was Barbara Lee, a Democratic congresswoman from Oakland California. I remember her being ridiculed on Fox News and the hate radio shows, but it turns out almost five years later that she is the only one of all our congresspeople who called it right. She should be given a national award of the highest order.

There is a brief interview with Barbara Lee in the Winter, 2008 issue of YES magazine. Here is what Congresswoman Lee said in part of that interview:

When I cast the lone vote after September 11 against giving George Bush an unlimited war-making authority—an authority, I might add, that his administration has invoked in invading Iraq, setting up military commissions, even warrantless wiretapping—I was alone. Today, there are millions of Americans who are calling for an end not just to the occupation of Iraq, but to the entire Bush foreign policy of unilateralism and pre-emption. Our goal is to help translate that support into more progressive votes in Congress.

It is hard to believe that out of all our congressional representatives there is only one with the integrity and wisdom to make a good judgment.

Link: Vote Hope 2008 :: Barbara Lee interview :: Challenge Status Quo.

Rev. William G. Sinkford, President of Unitarian Universalist Association, calls for an end to the Iraq War

It is interesting that even thought President Bush tells the American people that God speaks to him and tells him what to do not all religious people share the same values or views as President Bush's God. It makes you wonder what God people are listening to or what God talks to whom. Rev. William G. Sinkford, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association thinks that the war in Iraq should end as do the majority of the people in the United States. Here is the statement on the UUA website:

On September 6, I faxed a message to every member of Congress telling them, "Not another dollar. Not another life." To make sure they heard me, I am headed to Capitol Hill with my colleague Rev. John H. Thomas, the United Church of Christ's General Minister and President. On October 10 we will be walking into your representatives' offices to tell them to end the war and I want to bring you with me!

I invite you to sign the petition below calling for an end to our reliance on violence as the first, rather than the last, resort and an end to the arrogant unilateralism of preemptive war. Join me in speaking truth to those who have run from it. Please sign this petition and add your voice to 25,000 other Unitarian Universalists who say that security is found in building beloved community, not by dominating others.

I signed the petition and ask that you do the same.

Link: UUA: 25,000 for Peace—Join Rev. Sinkford's Call to End the War.

US defense spending ruining our democracy

The Republicans are leading the United States to its destruction. We are fading the way of the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the colonial powers of the French and the Spaniards, because we want to police the world and engage in imperial conquest for oil and to fuel the defense industry. Meanwhile, services to our own people at home are disgraceful. There is no universal health care, retirement plans are being canceled, people, except the 1% of the rich, are getting poorer.

The Democrats are no better because they are as beholden to the corporations as the Repubicans are. The corporations, especially the defense industry, has bought our government for its own interests which is profit.

Today I am starting a new category on my blog called "Platform of rationality". This is a platform for policies for the people of the United States which would lead to a healthier country.

The first plank in the platform of rationality is to cut defense spending. Will it be guns or butter? The United States has the largest defense budget in the world, the biggest of all other countries combined, and the largest discretionary piece of the federal government. Who are we planning on using all this equipment and personnel on? Terrorists? In Iraq they are beating us with a $2.50 road side bomb made with parts they got from Radio Shack.


The bozos in Washtington aren't going to change the defense spending because its the military contractors who contribute to their campaigns and get them elected.

Here's what is suggested on the Avenging Angels web site:

There is only one political force in America strong enough to break the Military Industrial Complex stranglehold on federal budgeting. It isn’t the Democrats and it isn’t the Republicans. It’s the U.S. taxpayer. Taxpayer sanity can cut the Pentagon down to size. Here is how it can work.

A “Truth in Federal Spending Act” Let’s call it the “Truth in Federal Spending Act of 2007.” It mandates three revolutionary steps:

First, it requires the administration to inform every single taxpayer--personally—as to what was done with his or her money last year. Exactly how was discretionary spending allocated?

Second, it invites every single taxpayer to re-allocate that spending according to his or her priorities.

Third, it requires that the White House report to Congress the collective results of this national exercise in priority shifting.

It's time for new national priorities. What better time to be setting them than this fall when we are electing new people to congress, and as we enter the campaign season for 2008. Don't worry about gay marriage, and flag burning amendments. Halliburton and Bechtel, Lockheed and Raytheon are stealing your Social Security pension by getting the next congressperson and senator elected in your state. Begin to push the Platform of Rationality instead of the Platform of Greed.

Link: Avenging Angels Plank 3.