What are our common assetts?

A World Of Possibilities had a great show on 02/14/06 entitled Counting Up And Caring For Our Common Assetts. Here is a brief description as it appears on A World Of Possibilities web site.

So what belongs to all of us? To none of us? And how do we best protect our common inheritance? We asked people from all over the country about our common wealth and our common future. Join us in this audio commons and reinhabit the space between us.

What does belong to all of us? There are clips on the show on which people say things like "water", "air", "love", "the land", "health care". What are the things which we share in common? Increasingly, the public domain has been carved up by corporations which control and exclude people from "the commons" unless people can pay, and corporations can profit. We have seen this recently as corporations have sought to take control of the internet and charge fees to people for using their lines to access certain web sites. We have seen the the huge increase in bottled water which is considered to be of higher quality than regular drinking water. Filtered air also is a commodity in certain large cities riddled with smog.

What should we hold in common and what should be for sale to the highest bidder. These are huge policy questions and rest on what we value as citizens of our planet. I highly recommend this program which you can access by clicking on the link below.

I believe this is such a huge issue that I am adding a category to my blog today so that readers can track articles on this subject by clicking on "The Commons".

Link: "A World of Possibilities" Program Details.